Administrator Workshops

Due to COVID-19 all of our workshops are currently only available virtually. The workshops will still be interactive and involve breakout sessions. All materials will be emailed to the participants.

Margot Enterprises provides unique workshops for school administrators.  All of the workshops are written and lead by New York State certified teachers and administrators that have experience managing teachers.  They use their education, experience, and knowledge to help administrators to grow and improve their own skills.

All of the workshops can be customized to meet the needs of an individual school or district.  We also have educational consultants that can work with the administrators to evaluate the areas of weakness to help select the appropriate workshops.

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The administrators will learn how the brain works and how people learn.  They will learn strategies to help their students improve their learning in school.  Teachers will also learn what activities and actions can hurt student’s learning.

A main goal of teaching is for the students to learn the content.  Many teachers teach the material to the students.  However, they might miss the connection between, teaching, learning, and memory.  The students must remember what they are being taught to be able to remember it.  The workshop will discuss how memories are formed and strategies to help the students be able to remember the information.

The administrators will learn about learned helplessness. They will learn how to notice some basic signs of learned helplessness starting to development and some strategies to assist students with learned helplessness.

Everyone knows that stress impacts learning, but stress has positive and negative impacts on learning.  The workshop will discuss the positive and negative impacts of stress on learning and memory.  The workshop will also include strategies to decrease stress for the students and tutors.  It will also include a guided meditation and breathing exercise as a way to decrease stress.

The administrators will learn about the Growth Mindset and the False Growth Mindset.  They will learn strategies that they can use to help develop a growth mindset throughout the school.  This will include strategies to help the teachers, students, and parents.

There are many different leadership styles and strategies.  While some people may have a preferred style, different styles can be useful in different situations.  This will include an overview and strategies to help administrators become stronger leaders.

One of the most important parts of providing professional development is the ability to write and deliver effective training programs.  This workshop will cover a variety of activities and strategies to help administrators to create better in-house workshops and programs.

Motivation is important for teachers and students.  Sometimes it can be challenging to keep everyone motivated.  This workshop will cover a variety of motivational strategies to try to reach each individual teacher and student.

Sometimes an administrator  says one thing, but a teacher hears something else.  Poor communication can create tension within the school and make it harder to hire and retain good teachers.  The participants will work together to see if their communication skills and directions are as clear and they think.  Additionally, they will learn strategies to improve their communication skills.