Corporate Training

Due to COVID-19 all of our workshops are currently only available virtually. The workshops will still be interactive and involve breakout sessions. All materials will be emailed to the participants.

Margot Enterprises offers workshops that are custom written based on the needs of the individual company.  Our workshops are interactive and include workbooks that the employees can use as a guide to reinforce the information that was covered during the workshop. Pre-Written workshops are also available and can be customized based on the needs of the company.

The workshops are lead by experienced teachers and trainers.  They use a brain-compatible learning approach to help to improve retention and application of the content covered during the workshop.

Follow up and reflection sessions are also available and recommended to answer additional questions and to improve the application of the knowledge.

There are many different leadership styles and strategies. While some people may have a preferred style, different styles can be useful in different situations. This will include an overview and strategies to help managers become stronger leaders.

One of the most important parts of providing professional development is the ability to write and deliver effective training programs. This workshop will cover a variety of activities and strategies to help managers to create better in-house workshops and programs.

Motivation is important for employees. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep everyone motivated. This workshop will cover a variety of motivational strategies to try to reach each individual employee.

Sometime a manager says one thing, but an employee hears something else. Poor communication can create tension within the workplace and make it harder to hire and retain good employees The participants will work together to see if their communication skills and directions are as clear and they think. Additionally, they will learn strategies to improve their communication skills.