Small Business Workshops

Due to COVID-19 all of our workshops are currently only available virtually. The workshops will still be interactive and involve breakout sessions. All materials will be emailed to the participants.

Margot Enterprises helps small businesses learn the skills that they need to succeed.  To support small businesses, we offer workshops during the workday, in the evenings, and on the weekends to allow for additional flexibility so that the workshops do not interfere with business.  We also work with local Business Organizations to provide workshops for the community at discounted rates.

The professional trainers at Margot Enterprises can tailor workshops based on company or industry.  Handouts and workbooks will be provided to assist the businesses after the training program.  

Learn how to setup social media accounts, create a profile, and manage the account. Account management includes scheduling posts and creating events, contests, and offers. Individual workshops include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Learn how to design and write eNewsletters that will grab your customers’ attention. Individual workshops include MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Learn about what should be included on a website and how the information should be organized.

Sometime a manager says one thing, but an employee or customer hears something else. Poor communication can create tension within the workplace and make it harder to hire and retain good employees. The participants will work together to see if their communication skills and directions are as clear and they think. Additionally, they will learn strategies to improve their communication skills.

Motivation is important for employees. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep everyone motivated. This workshop will cover a variety of motivational strategies to try to reach each individual employee.

There are many different leadership styles and strategies. While some people may have a preferred style, different styles can be useful in different situations. This will include an overview and strategies to help business owners become stronger leaders.

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