Due to COVID-19 all of our workshops are currently only available virtually. The workshops will still be interactive and involve breakout sessions. All materials will be emailed to the participants.

Let one of our Google for Education Certified Trainers help your school learn how to use Google products effectively. Attendees with have access to our Google Classroom with additional resources and support.

Google Classroom – Learn about how to use Google Classroom to improve distance learning. Learn how to create a class, add students, and create assignments. Learn how to post and schedule assignments. Learn how to create and edit streams.

Google Docs – Learn how to insert links, images, videos, and equations. Learn about headings and organizing your documents. Learn about additional formatting features.

Google Sheets – Learn how to create tables, graphs, and charts. Learn how to use the mathematical formulas. Learn how to sort and organize data.

Google Slides – Learn how to create a presentation. Learn how to add images and videos. Learn how to link to websites and different slides within the presentation. Learn about different presentation settings including animation, transitions, and presenting options.

Google Forms – Learn how to create a form and add different types of questions. Learn how to change the settings to restrict users, submissions, and the visibility of results. Learn how to turn the form into a quiz and assign point values and mark the correct answer.

Google Sites – Learn how to create a site. Learn how to add text, images, video, forms, a calendar, and more. Learn how to change the theme.

Google Keep – Learn how Google Keep can help you and your students stay organized. Learn how it can integrate with Google Docs to help organize research papers. Learn how it can integrate with Google Calendar to set reminders.

Gmail – Learn how to use Gmail. Learn about configuring your settings including signatures, vacation responses, mail forwarding, scheduled sending, and confidential mode.

Google Calendar – Learn how to use Google Calendar. Learn how to create multiple calendars, set up appointment slots, add Google Meets for video conferencing. Learn about configuring your settings including calendar sharing.

Google is not affiliated with Margot Enterprises.